Why hashtags are important for tweets

24 06 2009

Many of you may wonder why people put the pound symbol in front of words on their twitter messages. Hashtags are a way of showing what the entire twitter universe is saying about a topic you’re discussing. It will show, in real time, what tweets contain the same word.

The reason why this is so powerful is that it demonstrate trending in real time. The best example of twitter, to demonstrate how real time the technology is, was when there was an earthquake and the twitter employees saw a spike in the word “earthquake”. Moments later, they felt the earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks.

Adding validation to your tweets by writing about something that is being discussed is a good way to gauge the public’s perception. The next time you tweet, be sure to put a hash tag in front of the topic you want your readers to see.

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The next big thing: Twitter Optimization

11 06 2009

I’ve been looking to write about a topic for the last year or so but every time I’ve sat down to write something thought provoking, I’ve always felt like it was a laborious process. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I do most of my communication to the outside world within 140 characters these days that the feeling of macroblogging (yes a term I’m inventing) seems mundane.

I’m going to attempt to restart this blog on a new premise. I plan on utilizing shorter entries and sharing one or two thoughts instead of going in depth on a specific topic or area. As I look in my wordpress “recent drafts” I see 20 posts written but none of them completed.

Twitter is the ultimate form of being concise. Given my nature of loving to optimize things, I love the service due to fact that I can easily share a quick thought to my network. I already see different web 2.0 properties adopting these methods (e.g. facebook, myspace, tumblr). I’m currently writing on a “quickpress” within wordpress (is this wordpress’ idea of reengaging the user?) The interesting thing about all of these networks previously mentioned is that they’re vying for positioning on your browser to be your one stop destination. Due to Twitter’s Powerful API and real time notifications, I use TweetDeck as my medium to receive all of my web news, celeb news and friends news.

What’s interesting, however, is there is no feasible way of being able to manage all of these posts. If I miss a day of checking my Tweetdeck, I have a tough time catching up on my news. How will Twitter be able to intelligently show the tweets I’m most interested when I log on. Facebook has attempted to do this via “Highlights”, but the algorithm is yet to be fully optimized due to the vast network.

The question I have is how will Twitter leverage their social standing by showing a pulse of the network to the user in an easily consumable format. It could be simply aggregating the highest hash tags and showing that in a better way.

It’s on my mind so I wanted to share. No answers yet.

Good to be back though.

Just my $.02..