What we should do with RV parks

18 06 2009

RV’s are some of the worst emitting vehicles on the road today.  That’s why some RV park’s are changing their approach by putting eco friendly houses in previous RV parks.  This would definitely entice me to camp out in one of these.  Check it out:

Check out the way they look inside:

Each of these houses are 240 sq ft. but has a pretty large deck.  I love the way these homes look.  If we can figure out a way to be able have eco green low emitting RV’s with beautiful architected homes on the inside, we may get somewhere in optimizing the RV parks.

Quick $.02…



How to be more green in your apartment…

22 02 2008

Being green was a resolution of mine in 2008.  Progress so far?  Well I use my own cup at work instead of using a Styrofoam one and I replaced my desk lamp with an energy efficient one.

I would call that progress…

A blog that I check out rather frequently is Apartment Therapy – one of the coolest blogs out there.  As a way to make your apartment more green – they posted the following ideas for your bedroom…

All of the  furniture is non-toxic and is very clean for the environment…

Being green also results in some sacrifices….

…clearly white is the color of choice to be green….ironic?

$.00…(trying to save costs and be more green in light of this post)