Blackberry launches a new device, Iphone 3G imminent?

12 05 2008

Blackberry just launched this morning a new device known as the blackberry 9000.  RIM’s stock is trading well this morning as a result of this announcement due to the street’s perception of being aggressive against the rumors of Apple’s 3G IPhone announcement.  The rumors of a new IPhone heated up this weekend as many apple stores claimed to be “out of stock”.  As I walked into an apple store yesterday, the clerk indicated that they need to “check in the back” if they had any.

My initial speculation was the iPhone would be launched on June 12th at WWDC.  It makes perfect sense that Jobs would wait a year to announce the 3G functionality rather than simply put it up on the apple website and have a limited press announcement.  It seems like any change the iPhone might make would be at the front of Jobs’ keynote.

The new blackberry looks pretty sweet.  I’m a proud owner of a Blackberry Curve and I absolutely love it.  The UI, easy typing and size of the device makes it the perfect device.  I even use it for media and have discontinued using my iPod as it syncs very well.  The major improvement I see in this version is the ability to conduct video recording – something I wish the Curve had.

Here is a final product view of the 9000:

Just my $02…



New Blackberry coming out soon? It’s dubbed AK – “Apple Killer”

29 04 2008

Rumors have been circulating in the past week that Research in Motion (RIM) has been secretly working on a project called “AK”.  The “Apple Killer” is said to be a touch screen smartphone to compete head on with the Apple IPhone.  Since the IPhone was introduced in August 2007, it’s made a major impact in the smartphone industry.  Rapidly gaining market share and moving to #2 in the smartphone/pda vertical, the IPhone has RIM in a much more reactive mode.

That being said, RIM is planning on announcing the launch of the Blackberry 9000 which is shaped similar to a curve but looks a little less professional to me.  It looks strangely similar to an iPaq or one of those “other” smartphones that is not made by Apple/RIM.

What’s crazy is that an unlocked version has leaked and is being sold on eBay for 399 GBP.  You can buy it here if you’d like.

Here is a pic of the Blackberry 9000:

Just my $.02…