Our world from above?

2 04 2007

I ran across a very interesting picture which has been popping up on digg today that shows San Francisco International Airport at night.  Imagine if you were from another planet and as you landed onto the earth, this is what you saw….not far from many of the Sci-Fi movies eh?


I guess star wars wasn’t as far fetched after all….

Just my $.02..



Caps Lock – when was the last time you used it?

6 09 2006

If there were an initial struggle between the Caps Lock key and the Shift key….the Shift key definitely won.  When truly was the last time you used the caps lock key….and that being on purpose.  If we were to rate one of the worlds worst inventions….I would probably rate the Caps Lock key as being up there.

This post was inspired by the 6 times today that I’ve been inadvertently hitting it.

My ranting $.02


1000 hits!

26 07 2006

Hey guys,

Wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog for the first 2 weeks.  We hit 1000 hits today total and have been averaging around 110 hits a day which is awesome.  I’ll keep bloggin if you keep reading…that’s the deal..


Why you should be passionate about the company you work for…

20 07 2006

I was at a brown bag lunch yesterday with the Senior VP of Trust and Safety at eBay and he told us a very interesting story which I wanted to tell everyone. With a lot of companies these days, and everything extremely accessible, it’s very simple to have many choices in whatever field you’re looking for. I think by virtue of regulation, you’re never forced to buy one companies product because they’re the only player in the market. Even with Microsoft, you have options of Mozilla compared to IE, Google Spreadsheets/Lotus compared to Excel , etc. etc.

Well back to the story – the senior VP told us an interesting story about one of his collegues and his days back at Pepsi Co. Pepsi Co. as you know, owns a lot of fast food restaurant chains. Specifically, they own Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, etc. One day, the CEO of Pepsi Co was leaving the office pretty late. As he walked down to get out of the office, he sees a Dominoes Pizza guy waiting outside the door. He opens the door, and asks the guy, “who is this pizza for?” The guy tells him who it is and what cube it’s supposed to be delivered to. The CEO then proceeds to pay the Pizza guy for the pizza and tells him to get moving. He then takes the pizza up to the employees cube and stands there. The employee turns around and sees the CEO of Pepsi holding a dominoes pizza box in his hand. As the employee stands there in horror, the CEO takes the pizza out of the box, and stuffs it in his trash and just walks away….

Crazy stuff – but definitely interesting….I know for me, I’ll never buy anything from amazon again and have it shipped to my cube.

Quick $.02…


First Post

13 06 2006

Hello everyone,

This blog will be meant to divulge into some of the things going on in technology today and can be a forum for discussion. I'll go through some products I've used and give a very candid opinion on what I feel about the computing world. Sound good?