Going camping…in style

29 08 2006

You remember when you were a kid and they had those convertible style beds where under the bed, you can pull out a drawer and there is a mattress in there. Well let’s take that concept and apply it to an RV. RV technology has I guess advanced in the past decade or so (frankly, I have no clue) but this was too cool not to write about. This new RV has the ability to store a small roadster under main cabin so that when you get sick of driving around the huge clunky house on wheels, you can go ahead and hop into your 2 seat roadster and speed away. I plan to see this being used in some sort of Fast and Furious movie or something. Check it out below:

That…is pretty cool. I assume that if you can afford this RV, you can probably snag that SLK in there as well.

Just my $.02



BMW automatic parker

11 07 2006

A video has just been released on the internet which shows BMW’s latest technology. BMW has always been at the forefront of technological innovations in the automotive industry. However, the newest technology perhaps takes the cake. If you’ve ever had difficulty parking your car, BMW found out an easy solution. We’ll let the car do it for you. This is an example of something that everyone has an issue with….parallel parking…

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Pretty Sweet…