BMW Automatic Parker 2.0

4 08 2006

Woohoo- I found out how to upload youtube videos finally onto my blog…because youtube is significantly better than grouper (I’m glad I can say that now..). Anyway – so what you saw in my previous post with BMW remote parking was the automatic parallel parking…well for those of you who have trouble parking in your garage…have no fear

I love BMW…and the 7 series…

Short $.02


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BMW automatic parker

11 07 2006

A video has just been released on the internet which shows BMW’s latest technology. BMW has always been at the forefront of technological innovations in the automotive industry. However, the newest technology perhaps takes the cake. If you’ve ever had difficulty parking your car, BMW found out an easy solution. We’ll let the car do it for you. This is an example of something that everyone has an issue with….parallel parking…

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Pretty Sweet…