Day 1 with Google Wave

1 10 2009

I just tweeted how Google Wave with no friends is like standing at a party with no one to talk to.  There are a couple of things that you need to have in your mind before you try out the product:

  • It does not replace GMail.  This is not an email client, nor is it an IM client.  It’s a shared collaborative session that allows people to communicate in a unique enviornment
  • You’ll be tempted to send emails to people outside of google wave.  Currently, you cannot do this.  You can only collaborate with people within the Google Wave domain.
  • It’s a product that is way ahead of its time.  I’m not sure if people are ready for a product like this but I can see their vision clearly.  Perhaps they’re simply laying out the platform but the key to it’s success is enabling users to truly transition into an “ever present” app.

An “ever present” app is an application that constantly stays open your browser or on your desktop.  For me I have a couple of “ever present” applications that I cycle through on a daily basis.

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (via Tweetdeck)
  • ITunes
  • MS Office

For google to make its mark, wave needs to be adopted across the board.  Frankly, I believe the wave team should have powered wave through Gmail instead of creating a completely new domain/application for it.  I view it much more as a collaborative wiki where users can communicate with each other and share content on the web.  To the pioneers of the internet, I think this makes a lot of sense.  To the mass user, however, I don’t think the product is intuitive enough for people to embrace it.  I think Google really needs to optimize certain use cases for it to be applicable to the mass market.  For now, like I do with most new programs, I’ll try it out for a week and see if I continue using it.

Just my $.02..





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