New Blackberry coming out soon? It’s dubbed AK – “Apple Killer”

29 04 2008

Rumors have been circulating in the past week that Research in Motion (RIM) has been secretly working on a project called “AK”.  The “Apple Killer” is said to be a touch screen smartphone to compete head on with the Apple IPhone.  Since the IPhone was introduced in August 2007, it’s made a major impact in the smartphone industry.  Rapidly gaining market share and moving to #2 in the smartphone/pda vertical, the IPhone has RIM in a much more reactive mode.

That being said, RIM is planning on announcing the launch of the Blackberry 9000 which is shaped similar to a curve but looks a little less professional to me.  It looks strangely similar to an iPaq or one of those “other” smartphones that is not made by Apple/RIM.

What’s crazy is that an unlocked version has leaked and is being sold on eBay for 399 GBP.  You can buy it here if you’d like.

Here is a pic of the Blackberry 9000:

Just my $.02…





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