The $300,000 watch

27 04 2008

If money was no object, would you spend $300,000 for a watch that doesn’t tell time?  I think most of you would probably say no to this statement but what if I told you that the watch changes the way you look at the day and “treat time”.  The watch is shown below and is made by Romain Jerom, the watch maker famous for using metal from the Titanic on each of his watches.

The watch believes in telling time in a rather binary fashion.  You can tell whether it’s day or night.  The reason why this watch is so complex, as shown in the picture above, is because it uses a tourbillon to differentiate the 12 hours of working time (i.e. day) versus the 12 hours of non work time (i.e. night).  The user can specify different panels/components to place in each category.

The real kicker though…..the watch was sold it 48 hours after it was released….talk about high demand to not wanting to know what time it is….

You can check out more here:

Just my $300,000…





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