How do you get wireless in rural areas?…use a balloon of course

21 02 2008

Space Data Corp is a company that attaches small wireless hubs on balloons and sets them afloat near rural areas or abandoned highways so that truckers or local users can access the internet. The question to ask yourself is what trucker do you think is carrying around a MacBook Air that needs to check his email on his way to Toledo Ohio to drop off a shipment of strawberries? Okay…that might be a bit of a stretch but you get the picture…is there really a market for something like this?

Well…one company thinks there is….none other than our very own friend Google. According to the WSJ, Google is thinking about working with them (aka buying them) in the near future. Essentially Google’s plot to be ubiquitous across the web also translates to the number of users it can obtain. As it starts to reach a tipping point of users, it needs to expand its base. In the United States, that requires going to areas where Internet access is unavailable.

Knowing Google though, instead of using Balloons, they’ll fund their X Prize winner to take these to space and make the moon wireless….it would be nice to be able to chill in some sort of crater and check out

My .02…





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