Cool inventions: Stair(book) Case, Pipe/Art Hotel Rooms

21 02 2008

This is a pretty nifty invention to make it easier to get to books/organize your books.  The inventor did this to save space on purchasing a huge bookcase and built his own stair case that can keep books on each level around the edges.

Check out a pic:

And if you’re going for cool designs & new inventions – you can always look to stay in much more economically friendly hotel the next time you need to go somewhere.  It might be a tad cramped but it would help the environment.

Check it out:

Personally for  me – I would much rather stay in a hotel that had a room similar to this:

Can you imagine waking up in the morning to a room like this?  Not to mention that you’re in a hotel and are already disoriented, this would make you go crazy….

Interesting $.02…






44 responses

22 02 2008

Don’t know what’s more fascinating, the unique steps or the number of books this designer has! Cool photos.

18 04 2008

cool website but need smore pics!!

20 05 2008

Those are the worse designs i’ve ever seen. I’ll start at the top. I hope those shelves hold a few books on how to mend broken bones, and perhaps one or two about legal liability. Aren’t steps supposed to be a set height and depth? Those are begging for a misstep, no handrail either? Boo.

As far as the concrete coffin, i’m sure for it to be somewhat livable, you’d need climate control so i’m not sure how it helps the environment. And where do you go when you have to go? So, how many tons of concrete for one person?
The last one? I think we all agree, it’s just a mess.

22 10 2009

you sir are a hater.

22 11 2010

I could not agree more. These are all horrible. You left out one thing, what happens when a book is moving due to the constant vibrations of people going up and down and someone slips on the book. This would equal bad lawsuit.

15 06 2008

what the hell phil!! You’re retarted

29 06 2008

what the hell phil. are you retarded thes ideas are not done yet they still have to work thows thing out

24 12 2011

“thows” … wow, that’s a new one!

12 08 2008

Yeah Phil! why do you have to be so overly critical, people are just trying to come up with cool stuff in this world just for people like you to shoot them down. I think the book case stairs are pretty cool, you would have to be a pretty big klutz to fall down those stairs. 😛

4 09 2008

What the heck?

17 10 2008

yeah what the hell phil this guy is just trying some new things out, what kind of world would this be if people didn’t try

6 11 2008

butt pirates!!!!!!

26 11 2008

I think these designs are cool. My favorite is the stairs. Although that black & white room was pretty funky.

5 04 2009

I like the stairs too – cool use of space – not sure how practical but rocks. Hotel rooms – the crazy one is neat but the tube is a little funky.

21 04 2009

that is cool, if enyday i would totally spent a night there.

30 04 2009

Phil you are a jackass. The concrete house is a great idea for people who want an extra bedroom in warmer climate. The concrete actually keeps it somewhat cool, so stop thinking in the box and open your mind to new ideas……jackass

24 09 2010

he is not a jackass his ideas are really cool. i would actually sleep a night in the concrete house if i had a chance.

24 09 2010

Did you even look at phils reply!!! It was soo mean.

10 07 2009

phill is right this guy is an idiot. anyone with common knowledge would know these ideas really don’t benefit society in any way.

31 07 2009

The stairs are pretty awesome, thought the ones forming the steps are more of a display thing, I can’t imagine trying to get them out and would probably put flase ones there. The concrete hotel rooms look almost like industrial sized septic tanks, I kind of wonder if they had a defect in the factory and they were able to use them rather then let them get demolished. Escher would love the last one.

9 10 2009

HORABEL. Tis is t0etely a faleure. Wehops, i lepht a book on teh staires, i hop u dunt breek ur legh!
conreet is xpansev, tat muney culd be uzed for sumtin ellse.

30 01 2010

These are pretty creative! The staircase is a cool idea and I actually came here on a recommendation to see a photo of the concrete culvert as an idea for a hunting cabin. Its actually a really good idea in areas where there are restrictions and it also will not damage my property. There almost no construction. Just sit it on the ground.

25 02 2010

room was looking nice.i jst dnt know from where you get the idea.but any ways its really cool.all d very best 4 the new inventions.

2 03 2010

wow, phil you just completely destroyed some bodys sense of proudness by completely teabagging this entire amazing article with snooty ass comment.

8 03 2010

Hate to see your neighbor get pissed at you and roll your concrete room right down the hill!

23 06 2010

Yo Phil, I agree with pretty much everyone else about the stair bookcase. Here is another angel. I think they are pretty easy to navigate.

Do you have any books?

23 06 2010

before you correct me… angle not angel. yes, yes i know.

21 07 2010

the stairs are staggered and the side shelves are used as hand rails.
Maybe you are not the Sharpest tool in the Shed.

21 07 2010

The concrete culvert is vented and is actually quite cool inside.

DON’T knock it until you’ve tried it.

If you are disoriented when you’re away from home, then maybe you should stay at home and sleep with your Mommy

15 09 2010
gavrau shegde

it is like aeroplane propellant.

15 09 2010
gavrau shegde

it is like aeroplane propellant.toilet room

7 10 2010
solyce hollins

i like the thing that yall had invented it is really school

21 11 2010
24 11 2010

Im shure i got a nice invention its a exercise device that im looking forward to show it to a an interested preson. Wanted take a look, feel free to contack me.

2 12 2010
Inflatable Bed

i would alway prefer hotel rooms with flannel sheets and cotton beddings, i love the feel of those fabric ,”,

24 01 2011
Hirru Akiga

hey phil, aren’t you a bit well rounded when you had your comments? share us your designs then. a lot would post their suggestions. they would love to see your work. i might go for your design if you post them.
anyway, i love the hotel design. that’s innovation, away from stress.
wish i had lots of books, that’s one hell of a library.
cool room design, but i find it a little sad. please try to change the prints.

3 03 2011


4 03 2011

The concrete culvert should nice or good if you bury on the ground and make as an emergency hide out in tornadoes prone areas dont you think?

2 04 2011
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11 04 2011
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25 06 2011
nate anderson

Stop reading these stupid posts. Most of you are really dumb, and can’t even understand what these pictures are. You all suck for reading my stupid post and hey Phil, I hope you burn in hell. You selfish, terrible person Phil.

25 06 2011
nate anderson

Roger sucks balls

11 04 2012
Elizabeth Holloway

I love al of the fodder for new ideas, the ideas for conserving evergy, the ideas for re-using what we already have and basically the optomistic point of view. Let the haters hate. Normally they haven’t enything else to do but complain… on the internet… about stupic inconsequential foolishness no one cares about anyway… *grin* Blessings!

2 08 2013
shawna lenee

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