Charge your ipod…with your shirt?

20 02 2008

Scientists have generated a microfiber fabric that can generate electricity and be stitched into clothing.  Soon you’ll be able to to put your cellphone/ipod in your pocket and it will charge simultaneously….

Pretty cool….






3 responses

20 02 2008
Dr. Naik

This is a terrible idea…

1) Each shirt would cost a couple hundred lets say…add to that the fact that if you wanted to use these as a primary means of charging, you would have to buy at least 7…and you thought designer clothing was expensive currently.

2)If you didn’t wear one everyday, that would mean that you would have to PLAN to have your phone uncharged the day you were wearing your charging shirt. Every other day you would have to remember to plug it in.

3)Im sure after a couple dozen washes, the charging capabilities of this shirt will be next to nothing. Which would just make it a very expensive regular tshirt.

4) How many times would you curse yourself out if you phone ran out of batteries and you had one of these..

My $ .05…(inflation)

21 02 2008

Good points Dr. Naik….(a little presumptuous don’t you think?)

The idea may be terrible to the naked eye but genius to other possibilities. I think it would be less of a primary charger than more of a sustaining charger when one is traveling. These days, with the costs of jeans being over $200, I feel as though users may pay for these.

I think the one thing you’re correct about is the washing factor. They would probably have some sort of dry cleaning aspect that would help the situation out.

My $.02…(the dollar is making a comeback)….doubtful…

27 02 2008
Dr. Bhagwat

Isn’t that um…static electricity. I build it up all the damn time in the cold here…

…off to my examination of fields….

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