facebook is about to get a face lift….pun intended.

27 02 2008

Facebook is notorious for its quick changes to the site keeping it very lean and user friendly. After this huge change…I’m not sure if they will be loved by all….

Check out the new page:

and also this…..



What do you all think? Leaner way of showing content – reduces page views – always keeps the profile pic on the side….

But the big question is…where are you going to keep your applications…i.e. play scrabbleicious…

Love to get your thoughts…




How to be more green in your apartment…

22 02 2008

Being green was a resolution of mine in 2008.  Progress so far?  Well I use my own cup at work instead of using a Styrofoam one and I replaced my desk lamp with an energy efficient one.

I would call that progress…

A blog that I check out rather frequently is Apartment Therapy – one of the coolest blogs out there.  As a way to make your apartment more green – they posted the following ideas for your bedroom…

All of the  furniture is non-toxic and is very clean for the environment…

Being green also results in some sacrifices….

…clearly white is the color of choice to be green….ironic?

$.00…(trying to save costs and be more green in light of this post)


Has facebook reached it’s tipping point?

22 02 2008

I love ComScore. I think they’re one of the best online data analytics sites in the business and they do a fantastic job at tracking user behavior on sites, something that I work on quite a bit. One of the major questions everyone had when facebook launched was whether it was just a fad or are people still going to keep visiting the site at the levels they are used to.

For instance, when Facebook launched at my university, I think there was a temporary hiatus from school for about a week. Everyone was fascinated with the concept of browsing people for endless periods of time. One of the things that I would love to do is to monitor the user behavior at facebook. Users tend to look at their profile, click on a friend’s profile, go back to their profile and stay within the confines of facebook. It’s not like a Google or Yahoo where you go to the hubs to get diverted to other content driven web pages.

What is interesting is the facebook has gone down since 2008 started in terms of usage and page views. Check out some of the graphs in terms of total unique visitors:

This graph is only meant for the US – not internationally. Worldwide, Facebook is doing very well due to the expanding countries it’s being available to.

One interesting thing about the graph is that in Jan 07, there was a dip in usage as well.   Perhaps users were making new years resolutions to use facebook less….

Do you see yourself in a year using facebook the same amount that you have been?




Multi-touch 2.0

22 02 2008

Apple just filed a patent to expand on its ever popular multi-touch technology.  Rumor has it that the Macbook Air will be turned into some sort of tablet surface where the user can do significantly more types of movements on the actual trackpad area.  It’s meant to easily draw pictures and navigate through the OS system using your entire hand versus simply your fingers.  The patent filed is shown below:

Can someone say getting ready for MacWorld in August?

Would you buy an Apple Tablet PC?  I don’t think I would but if this technology was really responsive, I might consider it…

My $.02..


Cool inventions: Stair(book) Case, Pipe/Art Hotel Rooms

21 02 2008

This is a pretty nifty invention to make it easier to get to books/organize your books.  The inventor did this to save space on purchasing a huge bookcase and built his own stair case that can keep books on each level around the edges.

Check out a pic:

And if you’re going for cool designs & new inventions – you can always look to stay in much more economically friendly hotel the next time you need to go somewhere.  It might be a tad cramped but it would help the environment.

Check it out:

Personally for  me – I would much rather stay in a hotel that had a room similar to this:

Can you imagine waking up in the morning to a room like this?  Not to mention that you’re in a hotel and are already disoriented, this would make you go crazy….

Interesting $.02…



How do you get wireless in rural areas?…use a balloon of course

21 02 2008

Space Data Corp is a company that attaches small wireless hubs on balloons and sets them afloat near rural areas or abandoned highways so that truckers or local users can access the internet. The question to ask yourself is what trucker do you think is carrying around a MacBook Air that needs to check his email on his way to Toledo Ohio to drop off a shipment of strawberries? Okay…that might be a bit of a stretch but you get the picture…is there really a market for something like this?

Well…one company thinks there is….none other than our very own friend Google. According to the WSJ, Google is thinking about working with them (aka buying them) in the near future. Essentially Google’s plot to be ubiquitous across the web also translates to the number of users it can obtain. As it starts to reach a tipping point of users, it needs to expand its base. In the United States, that requires going to areas where Internet access is unavailable.

Knowing Google though, instead of using Balloons, they’ll fund their X Prize winner to take these to space and make the moon wireless….it would be nice to be able to chill in some sort of crater and check out ESPN.com.

My .02…


Charge your ipod…with your shirt?

20 02 2008

Scientists have generated a microfiber fabric that can generate electricity and be stitched into clothing.  Soon you’ll be able to to put your cellphone/ipod in your pocket and it will charge simultaneously….

Pretty cool….