The next step in the iPod product line

12 09 2007

With all of the hoopla with the changes in the iPod line, I figured we could begin to go one step further to predict the next line…..


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Say hello to the new iPod

5 09 2007

UPDATED: I wrote this while Steve Jobs was still announcing his product line.  Latest news: iPhone Price cut – $399 for an 8GB.  I think they’ll be getting rid of the 4GB model now.  $200 price cut within 2 months of the release….is someone a little tense about selling a million units by the end of Q3?

UPDATED: I’m going to update this post but I wanted to quickly put down what came out @ Apple today. For those of you that didn’t want to shell out $500 for a cool iPhone, you can now get essentially the same hardware without the phone for $200 less. This by the way, is absolutely genius. Jobs makes sure to rope people in with the unveiling of the iPhone and gains consumer interest. He sets a price point high enough so that pioneers will buy it but normal folks will be intrigued. Finally – he unveils a similar hardware product that gives people the choice to choose between phone and mp3 player. Not to mention, he makes sure that the price is consistent what it always has been.

I think the reason why the iPod is so successful is because there has been no change in pricing since its unveiling. As a result, when new updates come about, users get very excited because of the new technology it integrates. The iPod went from black and white, to color, to enabling photos, to enabling videos, and now, to enable YouTube.

The other thing that was announced today was the Apple ITunes WiFi. Essentially with this product, you’ll be able to download/purchase songs from the music store straight onto your iPod (look out Zune). They’ve also partnered with Starbucks so that you can go into a Starbucks store and use their wireless for free to download songs. This allows starbucks to get incremental users to their homepage to drive traffic, and allows iTunes to create effective partnerships.

The new iPod is called the iPod Touch

Here are the price points for the new items: photos

As the rumors were true, the iPod Nano came out today as well….the fat nano.

Not too shabby….too bad the stock is taking a beating…I guess everyone expected it…

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