Google Maps embeds like YouTube

21 08 2007

UPDATE: In an attempt to embed this code onto wordpress, I was unsuccessful. Usually most blogging software is able to accept an <iframe> tag onto their code but somehow it simply gives me an external link back to the page. I’ll keep working on it but for right now, YouTube’s simple URL embedding is much simpler.

Google launched a simple feature today to their successful Local product which enables bloggers to embed maps onto their site. For instance, if you want to mention how far one place is from the other, or what spots you visited this past weekend, you can do so using a google map. Just as YouTube videos got extremely popular by being easily embedded in blogging sites, maps hopes to do the same.

In my opinion, Google Maps has been the most successful non-search product that Google has come out with. I’ve definitely been the first one to say that they like throw products on the wall and see what sticks, but this one definitely stuck. With their implementation of Google streetview and now their embedded feature, their definitely headed in the right direction.

Just my $.02..





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