Social Networking 3.0?

20 08 2007

A couple of scientists from the United Kingdom have come up with a way to combine social networking with Bluetooth technology.  The technology works in the following way.  Suppose you are minding your own business and walking down the street and happen to be within bluetooth range of another user.  Immediately, your cell phone will detect the other phone and transfer data which will give the other persons user profile.  Once you get back home, you can transfer this data back into your own computer to look up the person/access the profile.

Now this is simply the technology which has been discovered.  There is no company jumping on the bandwagon to get this type of feature installed.  I can only assume that whatever company decides to implement this type of feature must know be ready to handle the privacy features.  Most users, including myself, would probably disable a feature that would be able to have anyone get access to my user profile.  That being said, this could be effective more as a locating device than a social networking tool.  Perhaps in a crowded area, you can search for a specific phone within bluetooth range to be able to find one another.  Then again, you are using a phone and you could simply call them.

If this is the future technology of social networking, I think we may need to stop at 2.0.

Just my $.02…





One response

23 08 2007

Location awareness would definitely be a cool feature to have. A service called already does this, though the implementation is clunky because it is txt based.

Think about this…on a night out, you can broadcast your location (or have it done automatically via GPS) and the social network could use this data to help you find people you know nearby that you otherwise would not have run into. What if your long lost crush from high school is partying at Crobar while you’re just down the street at Zentra?

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