Craig Ulloit just hit the jackpot

17 08 2007

You’ve probably never heard of this guy before, but you’ve definitely seen/used his application. The little application that you see on facebook entitled “Where I’ve been” was sold this morning to travel site TripAdvisor for a whopping $3 million dollars.

I’ll let you soak that in because Craig probably spent less than half a day setting up the mapping API and making sure a user can easily drag and drop their locations on the app. But there are much greater implications than simply the dollar amount. Craig is the pioneer in the facebook platform that, if successful, can create a plethora of deals simply to obtain a user base at such high values. What facebook is so good at doing is understanding the value of traffic in today’s internet. If the developers can tap into it, there is no stopping them.

In my opinion, it’s awesome to see the geeky developer hit it rich even though he struggles to maintain servers for all of his users. With deals like this, I feel comfortable knowing that the internet is still an open playing field where anyone can really strike it big.

Is it just me or does it feel a bit like 2000 again.

Just my $.02…





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