Bring your house on your next vacation

23 04 2007

This was something that I stumbled upon in the latest edition of Wired magazine.   A group of architects in London have designed a “microhome” that can be taken anywhere in the world as a portable apartment building.  Now this is not your standard RV that the family takes on gameday to the stadium.  This portable home is meant to be placed in any location around the world regardless of temperature.  The home is a 2.6m cube which is big enough to sleep one person comfortably.  Run on predominantly solar power, this cube is environmentally friendly (in comparison to an RV) and is actually quite posh on the inside.

The coolest thing about this company, m-ch, is their plans to build villages based on these homes.  Given the small sizes of these cubes, you can go up, down, sideways, etc.

Here a small model of how they want to integrate these homes in a high rise fashion in the woods.

Whether this is actually going to work in the future I’m not really sure.  Here are some prototype photos of an actual micro home.

Here is a picture of the interior…a tad cramped if you ask me but very sleek…

So how much does this mini “dream” home cost?  Well – it’ll cost you around 35000 EUR which translates to around $48,000.

That is one expensive R.V.

Just my $.02…





One response

3 12 2008
L Spain

These little houses are intriguing. They are economical, green, quick to build, effective as first homes and great as second homes.

A lot of technologies have changed since the days of Henry David Thoreau. Today, thanks to iPods and flat screens, it might be possible to live in a tiny space and still enjoy many creature comforts.

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