Zillow gives real estate agents a run for there money

4 04 2007

When Kelly’s Blue Book came out on the Internet, the press said that it would make the car salesman job significantly tougher. With an increase in information on the Internet, the user/customer has the power of knowledge in negotiation. It was only time until a site would enter that would be able to valuate real estate prices on houses in the United States. Enter Zillow.com, a site where you can type any address in the United States and get a valuation on your house.


Using their own platform, they’ve neatly integrated prices into every address point. On the back end, this probably wasn’t a lot of work and is a great idea to help out users when they are looking for houses in their price range.

I’ve attached a screen shot below so you can see what it looks like:

Just my $.02






2 responses

4 04 2007
Drew M from Zillow

Drew from ZIllow here –
I just want to note that we do not actually use Google for our mapping technology. We have built our own flash mapping interface (for a variety of reasons).

4 04 2007

Hi Drew,
Sorry about the confusion – my sources told me otherwise. It’s great to see Zillow creating their own technology and providing API’s for their software. Thanks for the clarification.

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