GApp finally launches

23 02 2007

A huge announcement was made today from the technology big horse, Google.  Though it has been in the works for the past couple of months, Google Apps as a packaged bundle launched today as a free trial until April 30th.  With the exception of powerpoint, every MS office product has a counterpart with Google.

So why is this a big deal?  Are we going to see just another standard Google product with much fanfare and very low response?  From a business perspective, the GApp proposition is very lucrative.  Being able to cut down your expenses on a per user level by almost $300 can be a huge saving.  However, for most larger companies right now, the infrastructure of an exchange server already exist.  I think for newer startups, GApp is a clever solution to cut down costs.  Additionally, colleges can implement a Google run system using the GMail and GCalendar application.  Northwestern, for instance, is planning on rolling out these changes in the fall of 2007.

We’ll see how this product does in the near future.

Just my $.02





One response

1 03 2007

oh hello sd
i stumbled upon your fascinating blog.
will google be coming out with a feature that summarize tech articles anytime soon?


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