The start of a revolution

12 01 2007

Before I begin this post, I apologize for being unable to blog as frequently as I should. I know I’ve said it before, but I was really waiting for some sort of ground breaking technology to shake up the industry to come out of hibernation. The tech guns have made some noteworthy news during the holiday season (especially in the realm of video game consoles) but nothing like the announcement made by Apple today. So without further adieu, let me break down simply why today will be remembered for years to come.

The iPhone

The idea of an all in one device has been tossed around by companies for years. RIM’s Blackberry, Palm’s Treo, Motorola’s Q, and Samsung’s blackjack all have taken steps to create a device that can replace multiple gadgets in your pocket. Most analysts discounted the thought of being able to create a single device for the consumer because no company does each facet of the technology properly.

That being said, Apple has come to blow away the competition with the all in one device that can truly do it all. Why is it superior to every other brand that I had mentioned above? Apple succeeds because:

  • It has the brand recognition with the iPod to associate media music with phone capabilities
  • It developed relationships with cingular early on (with the Motorola Rokr/SLVR) because they knew it was in the future. Jobs looks like a genius right now because of the 100 song cap placed on all motorola phones.
  • It has the software set up to easily sync up with the computer and manage all of your contacts and music into a single transfer

Let me show you some pictures so that you can get a better idea of why this phone is different than any other:

 More to come later….


Just my $.02