Microsoft announces XBox marketplace for living rooms

8 11 2006

Microsoft made huge waves yesterday after announcing that they will be offering XBox Live Marketplace to users in late 2006- early 2007.  The XBox 360, which has done reasonably well across the United States, will have the ability to download movies and TV shows from a browser straight onto its hard drive.  Microsoft plans on adding this content after it has made partnerships with most studios and such.

Microsoft made a great move in announcing this product at the time that it did.  Apple iTV has been very vocal about that fact that it will release in early 2007 for $299.  The iTV plans on bringing iTunes to the living room by being able to download shows and movies straight onto your hard drive.

Microsoft has set the stage however by indicating that 20% of its content will be provided in High Def.  It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this.  They’ve indicated that rentals will be around 2 dollars and purchasing shows will be around 3-7 dollars.

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5 12 2006


7 12 2006

Laloo….please update more. Done.

Also include executive summaries for Ajay.

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