Caps Lock – when was the last time you used it?

6 09 2006

If there were an initial struggle between the Caps Lock key and the Shift key….the Shift key definitely won.  When truly was the last time you used the caps lock key….and that being on purpose.  If we were to rate one of the worlds worst inventions….I would probably rate the Caps Lock key as being up there.

This post was inspired by the 6 times today that I’ve been inadvertently hitting it.

My ranting $.02



Facebook launches NewsFeeds…to make life easier?

5 09 2006

If you’re like me and on average log on to facebook around 5 minutes after you’ve started your computer, you probably saw something different today.  Facebook newsfeed is a revolutionary way of keeping up with all of your contacts in a single page fashion which is very unique and follows the RSS format.  After perusing through the website for a little bit and seeing every wall post or photo edit I’ve done in the past 24 hours, I realized a couple of things which the facebook group seemed to have missed.

Facebook – know your audience    

Don’t get me wrong, facebook’s additions have been amazing in the past.  Photo edits, facebook mobile, etc. have been huge hits and they’ve really come a long way since the days that you could upload a photo, write a message to a friend and such.  In any case – as a very early adopter of facebook, the one thing that really attracted me to it was the fact that it was extremely fast and simple. With college students, patience is very little.  They can work through computers quickly, switch from person to person easily and such.  Yet when you make your website so that everything is at your fingertips from the moment you log on, things can get a little out of hand…especially when dealing with social networking.  RSS feeds work with simple news posts, or blog posts….not with a network which extends over 400 friends.  Obviously, with the usage of facebook, someone will do something while they’re logged on…but the question is….do we need to hear about it?

Stalking became oh so simple

The new features allow you to see what everyone on your network is doing.  If I change my about me section and add a comma….you’ll find out…Is that a little creepy? I think it is…in any case – facebook needs to calm it down or have some sort of privacy filter because as much as I’d love to see someone update their event listings, it’s definitely not imperative.

By changing their homepage layout – facebook violated the simplicity that it thrived on.  People are confused and want to have nothing more than see their own face when the log in and see if someone is asking for a friend confirmation.  If facebook is smart, they’ll begin to heed the college users perspectives rather than the blogging world where tech savvy users enjoy the RSS look.

Stop being like Google, Facebook

This model of changing something to your site or adding a new feature every week is cute, but unnecessary.  We understand you’re a growing company and will probably get bought for 2 billion dollars, but that doesn’t mean that we need to see an update every week….let alone an update that affects this magnitude of users.  Youtube, sticks to its core business and sometimes divulges to add features but never changes its homepage. Facebook violated the cardinal rule of changing around their homepage to use news feeds….this feature needs to be removed before mutiny sets sail and people begin to use myspace…*shudders*

Just my $.02