New York to LA in 2 hours…

28 08 2006

When was the last time something in the aviation world truly excited us? After 9-11, it doesn’t seem that things dealing with airplanes really astonish us, in fact, it’s almost the complete opposite. In the past couple of years, I can point to a couple of advancements in airplane systems that have really made an impact on our lives. For instance, remember when you realized that on business class, everyone gets their own TV’s with their own channels. Or remember when Airbus was going to produce the largest plane to date with 2 complete levels of seating (yet to be produced).

Though these were great advancements, they served a simple purpose. It was to place a remedy on the long and arduous flights that people suffer through. Yet, we’ve yet to really see any advancements in the speed of an airplane. Sure the ride may be more comfortable, but the time it takes me to go from SF to London has been the same all of my life.

Well…soon that may not be the case. Remember that anything dealing with aviation is always going to be expensive so when I describe this new technology…let’s remember that there always is a price-tag.

Lockheed Martin is developing a new technology for planes to be able to travel at Mach 1.8 speeds and provide very little noise while in the air. This would feasibly be able to make speeds like going from Seattle to Tokyo in 5 hours or as the title suggests, New York to LA in 2 hours.

Here is what the jet would possibly look like (taken for only 12 passengers but eventually scaled):

The inside snapshots are pretty amazing. I could definitely see corporations using this as means of jetting to a meeting quickly across the US.

The cost of this badboy…a cool $80 million…

Just my $80 million…





2 responses

28 08 2006

I’ll take two..

No but really, thats is tiiiiiight

2 09 2006

I miss the concorde….I’m glad supersonic is back.

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