Coolest product in the world – The slingbox

15 08 2006

If you haven’t heard of the slingbox yet, be prepared to be amazed. This is perhaps the greatest invention for those people who are always travelling or feel extremely homesick and just want to watch some good ol “home tv.” Slingbox is the coolest new toy since sliced bread and can completely revolutionize the TV market worldwide. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a slingbox?

A slingbox is a hardware similar in size to a TiVo which is hooked up to your cable/direct TV at home. From that you hook up your Internet connection and wah la! you’re done. The slingbox sits on top of your TV, almost like a silver candy bar (as they say on their website) and looks like this:

This is a relatively small hookup that you do on your television and now that you’ve done it, you can access your channels anywhere that you get an Internet connection. I’m totally serious, you can be a rural village in India and if it has a broadband Internet connection, you can make sure to watch the A’s game at pretty much crystal clear quality.

Not limited to a computer

Here is the best thing about a slingbox, it’s not just limited to your computer at home…rather you can use it wherever you have an Internet connection, including your PDA or your cell phone that is wifi enabled. I’ve put a video of someone using a slingbox on their dell axiom connected to their Internet.

This combined with access to your tivo means that you will always be connected and will never miss your favorite tv shows.

Pretty cool huh?

It’s yours for only $200….I think I know what I want as an early xmas present.

Just my $.02…





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28 08 2006

Sliced bread isn’t a toy

22 10 2006
Martin Tibbitts

Slingbox is pretty cool, and people have demonstrated that they don’t mind low quality video on their computers (cough, YouTube, couch)…but aren’t we seeing a stage in a battle between quality and accessibility? Give me simply the ability to stream HDTV around my house and I will be happy. Subpar video on my laptop, even if it originates on my DVR at home…is nothing that special.

Martin Tibbitts

11 03 2007

business solution voip

1 04 2009
5 10 2009


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