RECALL – Dell Laptop Batteries

14 08 2006

After people began to realize that their dell might just explode on them, Dell did something most people would do – sit there and do nothing….well it seems as though after this explosion happened to six different people, they’ve decided to take a stance.  This is going to be probably the largest recall ever and affects a lot of people – especially those that have bought a dell in the last 2 years.

Here is what you need to know.

  • If you own a Dell Laptop which is of the Inspiron, Latitude or Precision family and you bought it between April 2004 and July 18, 2006, your battery is being recalled.

Obviously this will affect almost 4 million laptop units worldwide and will probably affect yours…the computer I’m using was shipped on 7/21/2006 *phew*.

Go to: which should be up by tomorrow, or call 1-866-342-0011.

Definitely not my $.02….





4 responses

15 08 2006

OMG your blog is famous!!!!! please remember me when youre famous and important.

16 08 2006

Yeah boy! CNET today, taking over the world tomorrow! Congrats sir. Looks like you have some pretty important people checking out your site (besides yours truly…) Holla back baby!

17 08 2006

I bought a replacement battery for my Dell about a month ago from and it works great. Is there any reason to thnk that a replacement battery would be any worse that the manufacturers?

18 08 2006

Hi Josh,
It’s definitely tough to say but I really don’t think so. I myself purchased an extended battery from a third party about a year ago and it works perfectly fine. Most of these third parties buy them from the manifucturers or OEM suppliers directly to get some of the price cuts, so ultimately, you’re essentially getting the same battery. Your battery, however, is still at risk if you bought it a month ago as Dell only recently began changing their batteries after they heard about the explosions. It would be interesting to see if laptopforless would be willing to accept those batteries for recall as well.
Thanks for the comment,

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