When computer rendering goes too far…

8 08 2006

If you’ve seen a Hollywood movie in the past 5-10 years, you’ve probably witnessed a scene where you think to yourself…holy cow…how the heck did they shoot that?  Sometimes you may even venture to ask “I wonder how they got the camera up there…?” Well computers have made it simpler to do almost everything.  Whether it means to shoot an underwater scene with a missile entering the vicinity, or creating a completely new world with a bunch of galaxies, Hollywood has learned to take the audience places it never imagined.  But as we move forward with better technology and cooler dimensions, what bends the truth and what really happens?

This idea sparked my attention when I witnessed one of the coolest things ever on youtube.  As the world cup craze began to sweep the world, a small video generated showing the talent of the best player in the world….Ronaldinho.  If you haven’t seen it…check it out below and be patient because the end is incredible:

Now most of you are probably thinking that it’s impossible…well it pretty much is and the Nike developers edited the video pretty well (although if you look closely you can tell).  Apparently upon finding this out – a lot of people were very angry since it was so widely viewed on the Internet (the #1 video at one point of time).

So where do we draw the line – do we make it so that they should specify when a video has been digitally rendered?  Or should we just keep it the way it is and believe things are real.  I understand both sides of the argument but it’s interesting to see the reaction people made when they found out their soccer God was really…just human.

Just my $.02





One response

17 08 2006

anyone who has ever kicked a soccer ball and still believes that someone can put it off the crossbar 4 times in a row off a juggle is a moron. however, the video is pretty bad ass. the people that are mad are probably the same people that thought michael vick was really able to throw a football out of the stadium in that powerade commercial. oh wait, that was me . . .

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