BMW Automatic Parker 2.0

4 08 2006

Woohoo- I found out how to upload youtube videos finally onto my blog…because youtube is significantly better than grouper (I’m glad I can say that now..). Anyway – so what you saw in my previous post with BMW remote parking was the automatic parallel parking…well for those of you who have trouble parking in your garage…have no fear

I love BMW…and the 7 series…

Short $.02


btw for all you wordpress blogs out there type in and it should work…




7 responses

4 08 2006

You think that they’ll integrate this in my Honda Civic anytime soon?

4 08 2006
Neel Naik


4 08 2006

just to let you know ryan….neel is rishi patel’s (from berk) cousin….small world.

4 08 2006
Neel Naik

yet another example of social networking…nice to meet you ryan…

4 08 2006

mmm thats tight. im still waiting on mine such. does it reverse out of there too?

5 08 2006

Dude, the YouTube thing didn’t work…I even tried viewing your source and typing the same stuff in, and that didn’t even work…

What did you do?

6 08 2006

interesting – I think you go to youtube – take the link of it and then type the following:

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