Going camping…in style

29 08 2006

You remember when you were a kid and they had those convertible style beds where under the bed, you can pull out a drawer and there is a mattress in there. Well let’s take that concept and apply it to an RV. RV technology has I guess advanced in the past decade or so (frankly, I have no clue) but this was too cool not to write about. This new RV has the ability to store a small roadster under main cabin so that when you get sick of driving around the huge clunky house on wheels, you can go ahead and hop into your 2 seat roadster and speed away. I plan to see this being used in some sort of Fast and Furious movie or something. Check it out below:

That…is pretty cool. I assume that if you can afford this RV, you can probably snag that SLK in there as well.

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New York to LA in 2 hours…

28 08 2006

When was the last time something in the aviation world truly excited us? After 9-11, it doesn’t seem that things dealing with airplanes really astonish us, in fact, it’s almost the complete opposite. In the past couple of years, I can point to a couple of advancements in airplane systems that have really made an impact on our lives. For instance, remember when you realized that on business class, everyone gets their own TV’s with their own channels. Or remember when Airbus was going to produce the largest plane to date with 2 complete levels of seating (yet to be produced).

Though these were great advancements, they served a simple purpose. It was to place a remedy on the long and arduous flights that people suffer through. Yet, we’ve yet to really see any advancements in the speed of an airplane. Sure the ride may be more comfortable, but the time it takes me to go from SF to London has been the same all of my life.

Well…soon that may not be the case. Remember that anything dealing with aviation is always going to be expensive so when I describe this new technology…let’s remember that there always is a price-tag.

Lockheed Martin is developing a new technology for planes to be able to travel at Mach 1.8 speeds and provide very little noise while in the air. This would feasibly be able to make speeds like going from Seattle to Tokyo in 5 hours or as the title suggests, New York to LA in 2 hours.

Here is what the jet would possibly look like (taken for only 12 passengers but eventually scaled):

The inside snapshots are pretty amazing. I could definitely see corporations using this as means of jetting to a meeting quickly across the US.

The cost of this badboy…a cool $80 million…

Just my $80 million…


Lexus says “BMW..I can do it too”

25 08 2006

A little while ago, I posted a video of self parking cars which definitely got a lot of attention among readers across the Internet.  Well Lexus has decided to step up the ante by releasing the most technologically savvy car out there, included with full self parking capabilities…shown below:

Pretty amazing stuff…I’m interested to see when this becomes ubiquitous on the market.  The technology is there, now it’s simply the adoption.

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Let the recall’s roll….

24 08 2006

Apple Computer has just announced a recall of over 1.8 million lithium ion batteries…which puts the grand total recalled batteries at 5.8 million.

Apparently, Dell, Lenovo (formerly IBM Thinkpad), and Apple met at a summit regarding these batteries and realized “HEY!…we all get our batteries from the same supplier…so I’m pretty sure our computers are affected as well.”

Well…it makes sense that Apple calls the recall at this time since there was one report of a powerbook exploding versus the 6 dells….but isn’t that interesting….that’s probably the ratio of people that have a dell computer to an apple.

In any case – go to apple.com and support to determine if your computer is affected.

Here is what msnbc reported:

“Apple’s recall covers 1.1 million lithium-ion batteries in the 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch PowerBook G4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4 laptops sold in the United States from October 2003 through August 2006.”

New batteries = longer lifespan…so it’s probably a good idea to get one anyway.

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YouTube’s first step to making money

23 08 2006

The big news in the tech world today is that YouTube has teamed up with none other than queen of publicity, Paris Hilton, to launch her own channel on YouTube. Since Paris is promoting her debut album sometime next week, this channel will serve to play her music videos, an inside look at her life, and also will be the launching point for all of her new singles that she debuts.

Apparently, YouTube pays around $1 million per month for bandwidth usage due to the high level of traffic on their site and the high level of data transfer required for streaming videos. Many people thought that if YouTube kept going down this slippery slope of having cost after cost, they would eventually go down under. Though this model is unique, they are capitalizing on two key aspects:

  • They have an audience, the biggest audience on earth essentially and stretches to almost all demographics – the Internet is much more easily accessible than any cable tv
  • The demographics on YouTube are perfect for a young popstar like Paris Hilton. As we all know, whatever Paris does, people follow suit

In my opinion, this is a huge win for YouTube as they’ve finally realized a method of determining how they make money on an advertising model which is outside of google Ad Sense.  Hopefully we’ll begin to see more players follow suit.  Fox has launched a huge prison break advertising campaign (which is my new favorite show btw…if you like 24…you’ll love prison break…just bought the first season…and i digress) and the impact of that will perhaps cause others to follow suit.  If they can make this into a strong revenue generating model, we will begin to see some huge new possibilities for these ex PayPal boys in San Mateo.

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21 08 2006

Hi everyone,

I apologize about not updating my blog recently – I’ve been a little under the weather.  I should be good to go by tomorrow.

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Zune out in the open…

17 08 2006

Apparently Gizmodo just found the Microsoft “Zune” player – aka IPod Killer – out in the open and took photos to prove it, shown below:

Apparently, every photo you’ll be seeing is going to be in black and white because the Zune will come with 150 color combinations.  That at least beats your standard black v. white iPod choice and the occasional red with the U2 collectors edition.

They also have magnetic earphones to make it easier to manage.

Looks pretty good msft….now launch it.

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