The Wireless Revolution – Part 2…

25 07 2006

I’m not sure if many of you remember when Intel first came out with their wireless centrino marketing tactic but they essentially prepared the world for the WiFi revolution. This was the point when centrino just came out and people began to realize that they didn’t need to be at their workstation to browse the Internet. Well, since those days of seeing the clever person with a laptop in the middle of a football field connected to the Internet, the wireless revolution has come a long way. We started out with all of them operating on the same bandwidth at 802 but soon were getting faster and faster speeds. For instance – we began with 802.11b routers which could cover your home and partially your neighbors signals. Then we got 802.11g routers which would cover the same distances but at higher speeds. Now we’ve come to the n router revolution….

So now we have to ask ourselves, how much further can we go until we hit the max. Well, that is the eternal question that everyone asks themselves. With new bandwidths coming out (802.11 versus 802.16), in a year, what can we do with “wifi on steroids.” We find ourselves in a very similar situation that we were in when the wireless revolution began and that means one thing – intel wants to promote the hell out of it. Wifi on steroids as they coin it, can do significantly more than your current wireless technologies on your computer.

Intel announced today the Rosedale II which will be available to pick up wiMax signals. Ultimately, they will be able to set up access points around cities, eliminating the need for home routers and networking. A couple of problems with this are that too many users can definitely slow the connection down, and the fact that there is no right answer to pricing. We’ve always had to pay for the Internet – but not that companies like Google are throwing it out for free, other companies like SBC and such are scratching their heads. Google has already set out access points around Mountain View and if you know the SSID, you can use it for free…if you live around there – check out their map of access points:

In any case – now the question is who gets the Internet – and do some people get better speeds than others since they are more local? Well it’s a great thing we have people in congress to determine this testy issue known as Net Neutrality. I’m not sure if many of you have seen this clip of John Stewart explaining it, but it is truly hilarious:


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In any case – I think we can all realize that the Internet is the finest example of a level playing field. There is no one on the Internet who is better than others (though many like to think so) which makes the access to this service so difficult. Ultimately – if there is free Internet around the city – then it should be available to everyone….at the same cost and speed…

So if you’re looking for a computer to buy before college…make sure to get Intel’s Rosedale II chip – give about 2 months and you’ll start to see ad’s around the country promoting it…

Just my $.02





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25 07 2006

i’m pretty sure Northwestern has just updated their wireless to an 802.1x, which is slightly different than our current b setup and will finally help those of us with G cards…and the talk of higher wireless has even come to satellites at times….where a satellite provides the internet across a large spanning area (much like TV) and you have to pay for an ID and what not….do i smell hacking user IDs like office and windows?

my $.04 (twice as much)

7 09 2006

I think that it will be “free internet” era in future. Large media companies will provide internet for free. At least in big cities.

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