Own a Dell? Be careful…

20 07 2006

Many of you may have seen this story already but I had to speak about it after today’s news.  About 2-3 weeks ago a report came in from Osaka Japan from a conference that a dell computer, sitting all by itself just suddenly exploded!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this photo of it….

Umm yeah…that’s not like something that just caught on fire…that’s an explosion.  Here is the news that came out today which really was the kicker.  Apparently, Dell knew about this 2 years ago and failed to actually do a recall on the matter even though they had photos and videos of overheating laptops.  This information was given from a former employee so people aren’t really sure whether this is true or not.

Nonetheless….I write this blog on a dell but I have gloves on and have a fire extinguisher close by….I miss my thinkpad..






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21 07 2006

Macs are better…;)

21 07 2006


5 01 2007

Thanks for this great post, i have bookmarked your site in the hope there will be more of this



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