Motorola’s new lineup – move over razr

17 07 2006

I’m sure all of you remember the time when having a motorola razr phone was quite possibly the coolest thing on earth. These puppies sold for around $500 and you’d maybe see one or two on the street if you were lucky. Cingular was the first provider of this phone and made a statement to all consumers…if you know technology, you should get the razr. I jumped on the bandwagon around 6 months later. This was the time when the razr price fell to 300 bucks and I wisely purchased an unlocked version on eBay. Don’t get me wrong…I loved my razr phone for the first 2-3 months I got. I synced my outlook with it, proudly made conversations and loved to quickly flip it open as soon as I received a call. After that, however, I realized that I wasn’t the only one on the street enjoying this luxury. Rather I noticed that these things began to pop up everywhere. Cingular started to give these things out for virtually free and the next thing you know, you have a normal, standard cell phone which the rest of the world has.

Don’t get me wrong, this is just technology in general in today’s society. Motorola, in essence knew that it was going to be a hot phone, and ended up producing significantly more than the demand needed. People were not going to line up out the door for a $500 premium phone. They would, however, add it on as contractual free phone though. Hey, it’s definitely the best of the free phones.

Well Motorola has semi-learned from it’s razr entry to the market and have already announced one of the phones on the market. This is called the motorola Q – and it happens to be E’s new phone on Entourage (my new fav. show)

I love this PDA/phone. It can do virtually everything and acts as your blackberry/palm/phone/mp3 player and is extremely thin. The only thing that is a bit problematic is that it may be too large to be an actual phone. If you’re thinking about that – you should look at one of Motorola’s newest phones…the Canary.

This is your razr which has slimmed down and become a bit longer. The cover looks pretty nice but in terms of specs, it’s the exact same as the razr. They’re still going to ride those razr coattails until they can do no more…and until then…America will still keep buying…

Also heard about a rumor on an iPod Watch…that would be pretty amazing…

Apple…be my best friend and make this…

Just my $.02 – I’m keepin it…





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20 07 2006

The canary is being called the CRZR.


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