Welcome Google’s newest product – The GPlane

14 07 2006

Seems as though the 2 names in the tech industry that you cannot seperate are the Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. We’ve seen their photos and their smiling photos telling the world that they are indeed richer than most countries combined but it seems like things aren’t so great in paradise when you’re that rich.

So most executives have a private plane or corporate jet to take them from place to place. With Google, a normal jet wouldn’t do. The two apparently bought a Boeing 767 and are quarraling about how it should be layed out/who should get the bigger bed. I mean honestly…the king bed really isn’t going to make a huge difference in such a massive plane anyway but the layout is the biggest controversy at Google right now. Here is a concept shot of Larry’s room…on the plane that is…

Yeah a little jealous at this point…that’s pretty awesome overall not gonna lie. Ultimately this is probably going to be even better than Air Force One and they’ve hired a designer to deck out the interior. Naturally though, after some more quarreling, I believe the designer sued them for something…

What is confirmed to be on this plane is the following:

  • King Size Beds (seperate ones obviously…)
  • Hammocks
  • Full Dining tables

Some have speculated the outside will look like this….no one can confirm this though…

Can’t find the blueprint picture but I’ll update the post if I see it. Man…this is what happens when you have too much money…

Just my $.02





3 responses

21 10 2006
The Advanced Soul

Is it just me, or has Larry King had like 5 heart attacks and 5 divorces. I guess that’d be a broken heart for each.

30 08 2008

this is soooo shmancy. so everyone who uses this plane is really rich i mean extremely. so that is cool and awesome bye

17 10 2008
diana moreno

wow that plane is BEAUTIFUL better than any thing i have ever seen before wow it is just wow

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