Sidekick 3 – Credit Card Eraser?

13 07 2006

Everyone has seen the Sidekick before….whether its your friend texting you on it 20 times a day or Paris Hilton showing her bling on it on the Fabulous Life of, the Sidekick has become a brand of it’s own over the past 2 years. That is probably the reason why there was so much hype and anticipation over the Sidekick 3 when it came out. Some of the biggest hollywood stars even came out to the Sidekick launch party in NYC proving that it’s not just the small time college students who have this phone – rather…everyone does…

But recent reports of the sidekick show that it comes at a hefty cost (pun fully intended). It seems as though the magnet which flips the screen out is so strong on the new Sidekick 3, that if you put your wallet next to the card, it demagnetizes it completely! People are beginning to find this out the hard way….here is a photo of how strong this magnet truly is:

I sense a gigantic recall…or maybe just some cautious users that dont stick their wallets next to their phone…





4 responses

14 07 2006

much cooler than having a NMR machine do that to you in orgo lab…
slash check out the new Yahoo Mail..its like outlook, but you can store everything on line..amazinnnngggg

23 07 2006

Wow, that is good to know; I will be getting one next week sometime. Thanks for the heads-up!

4 05 2007
Jack Denisse

You forgot to cite the references

5 05 2007

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