The iPod – why you should wait…

7 07 2006

I used to be a huge fan of my iPod. The key word is “used to.” I’m not going to lie to you but the whole concept of having an iPod sort of lost its lustor when you started seeing everyone sporting one around. Whether it was the standard rich kid who gets all the gadgets before anyone, or the young 5 year old who got it for his birthday, regardless of where you go, you’ll see one. The coolest thing about the iPod was when it first came out, you would tell people that you got one and they would ask “oh, what is that.” Once you would show them a demonstration of the click wheel, they would get completely blown away. Quite frankly, it’s become such a part of our pockets these days (I qualify “part of our pockets” as essentials we don’t leave our homes with e.g. keys, wallet, phone…etc) that not having one is an issue. I’ve spent that last three months not having an iPod because my video somehow got stolen and let me tell you, it’s terrible…I never realized how much music actually plays a part in my life but just the simple fact of having the option to listen to music wherever you are makes it so great. I do agree that socially, the iPod kills all conversation….you know if someone likes you based on whether they take off their headphones when your talking to them versus simply lowering the volume…

This post was not meant to be a critique on the iPod but I figured I would throw that out there. The reason why you should wait if you haven’t bought an iPod is because as you know in the technology world, something new is always coming. The key is to buy that new item early enough so you can maximize it’s time at the top. Additionally, you should definitely sell the iPod you currently own within a week of the release date of the new iPod so you maximize the profit. Simple economics…but it works wonders.

Apple announced that it was supposed to release the new model by holiday season this year or even earlier…however it seems that it got delayed which means that in order for Apple to save face, when they announce their new products next year, it’s going to be a completely new line. Rumors are to upgrade the video to a full screen featuring touch screen menu options and even something called the iPhone…the new cell phone offered by Apple. Mock-ups of these have been floating around on the internet seen below:

This is probably a bit of a stretch as the video full screen takes on a nano thickness which I doubt would happen. This picture is much more likely :

Either way – any of these alternatives are currently better than the video right now. Or…if you’re smart, the current video’s price will start to go down once they accumulate inventory after this releases. They usually give them to wholesale merchants on the internet and sometimes you can get a steal.

That’s my $.02





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11 07 2006
Sabrina Siddiqui

Thuuuthit…may I just say, I completely agree with your post on iPods. It’s a sad world when you’re supposed to walk down the street to pick something up and make sure to grab your iPod first, but as you said…such things became those necessities we cannot leave our homes without. And no sooner than you’ve bought your iPod, a new model is out, as is the same with any gadget I suppose (such as RAZRs, to which I have also succumbed). Anyway, I like this new blog…thamps πŸ™‚

18 07 2006

So, we’ll see how this turns out…I am digging the touch screen, but I don’t know anymore. This needs to compete with Microsoft’s version…MSoft they might actually get the jump on Apple (for once, because Leopard is going to lap Vista) as far as music players and wireless access…and now the player might also have sat. radio…interesting…Apple needs to bring it…

1 thing though…whoever came up with the name Zune needs to be fired…I mean, seriously, wtf…”Let’s see…phone, keys, wallet, Zune…”

I think not…

2 11 2007



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