Microsoft says “Tag me in”

6 07 2006


A small little update to this player that I just found out – apparently you are actually able to connect to other players on an ad-hoc level and see what other people are listening too….kind of like the itunes sharing mechanism that currently exists on networks – however, what’s even more cool is that you will be able to get prompted when a wireless network is in the area – I.e it will come in the form of a quick advertisement or something which makes it easy to connect to unknown networks.

As you can tell I’m fascinated – the ipod is getting a bit old and outdated…let’s all try something new.

As a huge technology fiend that I am, anytime we have competition in a market over any cool product, you know the big guns are going to create a stir with their product. According to our friends over at Gizmodo, it seems as though Microsoft has plans to enter their own MP3 player regime by creating a video player of their own due to be released during the holiday season this year. Now given MSFT’s track record, I doubt we’ll see these things hit the shelf until summer of 2007 but there are some really cool features on this thing which I’ve listed below:

  • WiFi internet capability – This player can be wifi enabled which means you can download songs on the fly off of the internet – whether it will be browser compatible and such is yet to be seen but I assume they will have the ability to connect to some Windows music store.
  • Apple Itunes Purchase songs are FREE!!! – this is the biggest sign that Microsoft is saying “bring it.” Apparently – this player will scan all purchased songs that you’ve made from Itunes and will automatically download it to your player off of the microsoft store.

No pictures have surfaced on what this thing might look like but here is a really blurry picture of the supposed gadget:

Not too good eh? Well – hopefully we’ll have a pic which is clearer by the end of the day.





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